Experts have conducted studies and found out why between partners, especially when they are family, cool feeling.

Tip 1) remember everything.

This method is the easiest way to bring back the old feelings. Try to evoke memories and sensations that was the moment when you first met. What did you feel when you first held hands or asked out, all of this is a kind of psychological “anchor”.

Will also help ringtones that you liked both parks or cafes that together you liked to visit or where passed your first date. To resurrect all not sure, just try to remember what you both lack.

Tip 2) fully accept one another.

We are all far from perfect, and therefore need to accept each other with all faults and irritating habits. Cons are at all, but initially they are invisible because we can be blinded by love. But over time, the everyday opens our eyes, and lovely features turn into daily nightmares. How to deal with it? First and foremost, you need to talk about it. To hurt the partner did not need to explain that you love him, but there is something that you can change for the better. You should try to find a compromise and solve such problems without scandals and unnecessary emotions.

Tip 3) create a new and sockettes each other.

Memories of the past may not be enough. Everyday and life takes a lot of energy and feeling fade again. But it is possible for your pair to come up with some new traditions. If on the weekends you just sit at home and watch a movie, it likely will resurrect a passion. Often helps the experience of parting. Not alone while waiting for a meeting or a phone call even after a brief separation, often helps us to realize that we really don’t have enough people.

Try at least a few days to forget about the Internet and a bunch of gadgets, which create the illusion of full communication and presence. Then, you will be able to get bored and realize that you do have something to say to each other. And remember that even many years later, the family is not a fossil, but a process that requires constant creative control. And strong the marriage bond is require the mind no less than of the senses, perseverance and patience can radically rectify even the worst situation.

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