Psychologists said that children hide from their parents

Психологи рассказали, что дети скрывают от родителей

Psychologists told how to prevent the emergence of secrets from Chadwhen he was in adolescence, children know to tell parents and what not.

Психологи рассказали, что дети скрывают от родителей

Children and adults

Psychologists told how to prevent the emergence of secrets from Chad and what to do if this situation arose, writes nlotv.

It’s one thing to share with parents the fact of ditching school, and quite another – not to tell them about problems at school. For a child normally and naturally in difficult situations to seek help to parents, but it’s easy enough to destroy a lack of trust. Every conflict deserves at least to hear both sides. For a good relationship better to trust the child and then to discuss why she lied than once not to believe the sincerity and then to lose trust forever.

The expression of the child: “I can’t tell you” most often means that she is preparing a surprise or wants to demonstrate the result. However, with age, everything changes, and the teenager has secrets through your fear or shame. Probably every adult can remember a situation about which he never told his parents. What often conceal modern children?

Психологи рассказали, что дети скрывают от родителей

Children and parents

Intimate secrets – the child can offer to show intimate parts of the body, see photos or touch them and then no one can not talk about it. No matter who offers: friend, teacher, doctor or coach. Violation of sexual boundaries should not be a secret. So first of all parents should teach a child that her body belongs only to her.

Manipulative compliments – when a man tells you something like: “how well you do it, I never could, you’re the best” – these words strongly attract. After them, it is difficult to deny the request. But the compliment is true, which do not need to pay.

Suffocating embrace of the child should humbly stand at the table kissing aunt or questioning about sympathy. There are many things that you have to close your eyes as the family and relationships with friends. If something affects or violates the personal space, the child should not be afraid to say it, and the parents to order for her sincerity.

A killer secret – we are taught from childhood to keep secrets. But if the secret threatens someone or your safety? In situations that threaten the security, you can lie, but only under the following circumstances. And the child must clearly understand this.

Shyness – people at any age hesitate to ask again, to refuse, to say that they do not like that their opinion differs from the majority opinion and so on. But what child would not hesitate in life, if that is her security, shame has no place. It should inform the parents, because we have only one life.

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