Psychologists told how to get out of the friend zone

Психологи рассказали, как правильно выйти из френдзоны

As it became known, psychologists told how to get out of the friend zone and to build a strong and happy relationship.

Психологи рассказали, как правильно выйти из френдзоны

So often guys or girls fall into the so-called friend zone, from which to get sometimes very difficult. But this does not mean that the person is to immediately put a cross. The way out is. The main thing is to act correctly and in some situations even to keep cool. But to start is to understand what the friend zone? This is when the girl perceives a guy as a friend, and he in turn feels for her love experiences. Or Vice versa.

Most often such a fate with Franzoni comes to guys. So consider the example where the girl sees the guy as a potential lover. The first is to figure out what was the cause of such behavior, which may be several.

she needs to have a fallback in case the hero of her novel did not appear; she only needs your advice on the conduct of men; it is convenient to have on hand a guy who decoratively and outlet repaired, and a leaking shower make out; she already has the “knight of hearts”, but the friend needs to be distracted; material gain – it cannot be denied. You need to be sure that the guy is in such a zone. It is easy to check for the availability of such phrases as “You’re like a brother to me”, “I could use a guy like you” or “I’m so helped by talking to you.” What to do in this case? Act!

To start is to completely change yourself and to cast aside all hesitancy. You can make a surprise, for example, inviting a girl to a restaurant or movie. Flowers also will be not superfluous, but the important thing to remember is that the determination must be in every act.

You can then give to understand that the world had not converged and there may be other things to do. Then there is a chance that she will be interested and will adjust our plans for the guy. The relationship should be comfortable and filled. Don’t need myself or its something to infringe.

You can also try to gently move to a more tactile communication. For example, rolling a strand of hair to fasten the lock on the dress, but to show the romance.

And the last tip that girls don’t always understand hints, it’s easier to say in plain text, then everything will fall into place.

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