Psychosis weeks. Polygraph Combine “Ukraina”

Психозы недели. Полиграфкомбинат «Украина»

Психозы недели. Полиграфкомбинат «Украина»

What are you laughing at? There is SOE really. There ballots printed for the election. According to him, and “Servants of the people” elected. Now enjoy the “League of laughter” in non-stop mode. After “Evening quarter” to check MPs polygraph the name of the printing factory sparkle with new colors. On the whole, the week’s been intense. As began with a discussion of the choir of the Rope and the orientation of the Prime Minister, ended a key political issue of the moment: who took it and from whom?

About the performance, arranged for Polygraph Polygraphovich by Dubinsky and his friend brown is a Arakhamia (after they cute “licked” on television and announced the creation of the comic of the party “Do-Re-Mar” – Dubinsky, Arakhamia, Martirosyan, the word “friend” in inverted commas, the author), I can only say one thing: not that we expected. The movie was boring and slow.

Emerging from the dense fog of the Kiev audience politically concerned “hedgehogs” were expected in the evening Prime time for a very different picture. Said the President: “As members cometo fancv toil to pass the detector brekhni”.

I specifically list looked: there’s the first alphabetically of suspicious voters is the heroine of our publication, Strachowice from Nikolaev Ira Allahverdiyev – “Miss lips of Parliament.” Here is her interrogation on a polygraph would have attracted much more attention. Just all interesting to see how she slaps his pout. Didn’t take it. Not allowed. Not offered.

What Dubinsky? Everyone understands that to offer him money on the side – it’s like that walk around naked in the Kreshchatik: the event will immediately become public. So the result of the polygraph I believe. And to the comments porkopolis, in particular, Viktor Ukolov, that the sensors were not located on those vital organs, do not react. Maybe this Mr. Ukolov and specialist in all kinds of medical procedures, including injections, but personally I have anxiety caused only a way of communicating the typographer. Or polygraph? Don’t know how to say it correctly. Some of it is too sugary…

But you do not pay attention. It is the result of psychological trauma caused to members of the sect of reforms, the entry made on October 20 “Telegram channel” “the Dark knight” that our Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk of the parties… shall we say… netraditsionalov.

And then another “knight” of the former “radicals”, the former MP Igor Mosiychuk accused the Prime Minister in the sexual harassment of a young employee. About this he wrote in Facebook. Mosiychuk claims that the son of his friend who got a job in the apparatus of the Prime Minister, complained of sexual harassment.

And further he writes: “I must say, I care about the sexual orientation of the Prime Minister. It may do the right, inviting that person to their events and concerts. I am interested to Prime Minister worked in the interests of Ukraine and Ukrainians, and not violate existing laws…”.

Here’s the thing, I always thought that Mosiychuk is right. Since, as he joined in 1994 the UNA-UNSO, then in the Social-nationalist party (prior to its renaming in “Freedom”) and was held in the case of “Vasylkiv terrorists,” accused of preparing a terrorist attack – bombing of the monument to Lenin in Borispol.

But it turns out that he is not right. Whether the surgery to suturing of the stomach to treat obesity because it affected, whether the membership of the party Lyashko (until may 2019). But now we have the right of those who gulbinat for money Minuet inviting the Prime Minister to listen to the speech of “sokira Peruna”. And those who are behind this fun of life, they are just for Ukraine. Control of the Prime Minister, to work in the interests of our Motherland and not riding on the scooter and did not stick to the employees.

Want to stand up for Mr. Goncharuk. ‘ve all seen his photo in a Fox fur coat with a gun. And the SBU during special checks, and the President, when appointed. Someone believed that it’s photoshopped, someone did not believe it. But as the proverb says: “Bachili Ochi scho kupuvali, now GTA Hoch Pavilosta”. Let the man work! You tugged! He is also on the new “Jaguar” does not work.

Психозы недели. Полиграфкомбинат «Украина»

There are other problems relevant. The country is in danger. The MPs scatter. They have a clear complex chronic fatigue from life and from its mandate. In my head all sorts of specific thoughts. A month ago, the pinnacle of erotic epistolary was SMS-ka Helena Krivoruchko (“Button green”) from Krivoy Rog, which warmed without ventilation that wanted to “make love day and night” off of person.

And now my texts have gone much better. MP from the “public Servants” Anatoly Ostapenko caught in a very scandalous correspondence. Right in the hall of the Parliament exchanged with a certain Alex Silchenko (so designated contact) with phrases such as

Silchenko Alex: Now in Kiev.

Ostapenko: Hi. Tomorrow.

Silchenko Alex In a suit with a tie?

Ostapenko: No shorts

Silchenko Alex: Fuck’d.

Ostapenko: Funny.

Психозы недели. Полиграфкомбинат «Украина»

Don’t know who this Silchenko, maybe it’s pseudo Goncharuk (joke), but the fun in working time – not for the people you chose, dear deputies. Stick finally down your phone and get that on the balcony there is always some bastard with a telephoto lens. Do not leave him no chance. As he wrote to the head of the Committee on health of the nation Michael radutsky in his text – “x@y them in the ass!!!”.

That’s the ugliness happening on our farm. And all because the President went on tour to Japan. When the cat’s away, the mice will play. Dance we did not dance, but sang songs. I mean the number “95 quarter”, which, according to the Minister of Economics Timofey Milovanov, “the direct rank vpliva on investiciniu climate in Ukraine I. Tsey vpliv negativni”.

He was given this Valeria Gontareva with the arson of her house. Well, okay recited would have been “we about explosions, about fires composed the TASS note”. So no, put on “heel” Eugene Kosh (bald) honored academic choir of them. H. Ropes and began to sing: “Burning hut, palala, in London, the woman cried…”.

Now, artists of the choir raked out to the full. They “screwed” already accusations of ties with Russia, they went on tour. And not once – since its inception in 1943, many of these episodes were. And especially for picking on a video in which the late artistic Director Anatoly Avdievsky and artists of the choir called for peace in the Donbass, and said that the differences are political, not national. As it have they?

Maybe evil demons with rostv mounted? Framed as a mazhoritarshchik from “public Servants” Evgeny Shevchenko, whose performance on Russian “First channel” is now available without a mandate to leave. He thought that they had fulfilled the will of their voters from Zaporozhye, but it turned out that not all shows are equally useful. As yogurt.

And in General, peace in the Donbas, we are authorized to engage in only one showman Sergey Sivoho, who this week was appointed adviser to the Secretary of the NSDC for reintegration and recovery of Donbas. The rest of the master comedian can make jokes on other topics – about the polygraph, Milovanova or Gontareva.

By the way, with her hut seems Dobelis. After a couple of days after the number of Kiev as covered in impenetrable smog, and does not pass. Read the explanation of KSCA, to blame the wind, or rather its absence, and an abnormally warm October temperatures. “Vertical air circulation slows down and all the waste products of the city can not rise into the upper atmosphere and dissipate”.

In General, zasr@do we the atmosphere with their waste products. Breathe. Entertainment in the political circus tent does not get tired to add variety to our foggy days. Every night in the arena…

PS And the Verkhovna Rada propose to rename in the polygraph “Ukraine”. At least for a time, until poligrafichna all deputies will not end. And at the same time it is necessary with the dogs for a walk. Sniff, what have deputies hid in secluded places. What is a circus without animals?!Egor Smirnov

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