Public Health asks Canadians to reduce their contacts

Public Health asks Canadians to reduce their contacts

The Public Health of Canada urges citizens to limit their interactions to curb the spread of COVID-19, otherwise the epidemic will resume in the country and will eventually reach the most vulnerable people such as those living in CHSLDs.

“We have seen examples recently that a single person experiencing mild symptoms can set off a chain reaction of exposure […]. Reducing contact can have a huge impact, ”Deputy Chief Public Health Officer Dr Howard Njoo said on Tuesday.

The chief doctors, in unveiling the most recent projections of the spread of the disease, stressed that the death rate and hospitalization have not so far increased as in last spring.

“The number of deaths is a late indicator,” added Dr Njoo, however, noting that other countries like Spain are starting to see a resurgence in this area.

If recent cases mainly affect young people aged 20 to 39, they will eventually affect the elderly and vulnerable, insisted Dr. Theresa Tam, chief administrator of public health.

Data released Tuesday confirms the accelerated growth of COVID-19, with an average of 1,058 cases reported each day over the past week, up from 380 in mid-August.

Canada's Public Health expects 150,780 to 155,795 cases of COVID-19 to have occurred by October 2, and between 9,220 and 9,300 deaths nationwide. As of Tuesday, a total of 145,415 cases and 9,228 deaths were reported.

Ontario once again took a heavy toll on Tuesday with 478 new cases, which would be the largest increase since May 2.

In Quebec, 489 new cases and an increase in hospitalizations were reported. A month ago, the province was generally below 100 cases per day.

The projections released by Ottawa on Tuesday are based on data that was available as of September 17.

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