Published a list of countries dangerous to visit

Опубликован список стран, опасных для посещения

If price is not concern, is to learn about the safest and most dangerous tourist destinations

The question is, which country to choose for desired journey abroad can occur at any age. Travel agencies are advised to determine for themselves the important criteria such as the duration of the flight, the cost of travel, climate, but most importantly – to think about security.

Опубликован список стран, опасных для посещения

Countries dangerous for tourists

International SOS, a company specializing in medical and travel security, has released 18 November, the tourist’s map of risks, which reflects the forecast on the most dangerous places to travel in 2020. Also, the authors have listed the biggest problems that tourists may face in the next year, reports UNIAN.

On the world map of International SOS in the country are divided into five risk categories: negligible, low, medium, high and extreme.

The experts took into account the following criteria:

political violence, including terrorism, riots, political unrest and wars;social unrest, including violence motivated by religious or ethnic hatred,petty crime.The map was also taken into account transport infrastructure, effectiveness of security and emergency services and the risk of natural disasters.

It turned out that the most dangerous for tourism in 2020, the country mostly located in Africa and the middle East: the first is Libya and Somalia, followed by Afghanistan and Venezuela. In these countries clearly unless absolutely necessary, do not go to travelers next year.

With regard to health, countries with the highest risk of Contracting diseases and viral diseases are Niger, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, South Sudan, Eritrea and Central African Republic.

To get into an accident, in addition to Africa, is easy in Venezuela, Belize, Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Опубликован список стран, опасных для посещения

Meanwhile, according to a survey by a well known service Ipsos, 47% of potential visitors expect that next year the risks for foreigners abroad will increase even more.

By the way, Finland, where, according to other ratings, live the happiest people, the most safe for travelers along with Iceland and Norway. There foreigners have minimal risk of getting health problems, personal safety, or get into an accident. Switzerland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Slovenia is also highly appreciated.

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