Published a new trailer of the movie “Steep 1918” (VIDEO)

Опубликован новый трейлер фильма «Круты 1918» (ВИДЕО)

The battle lasted more than five hours.

In the network appeared the new trailer for based on a true story movie about the battle at the railway station Steep in the winter of 1918 between several hundreds of Kyiv cadets and army of the Bolsheviks. The video posted in Facebook pictures.

This writes the with reference to

“Against the background of momentous events in the country two brothers, Andrew and Alex Sawicki — fall in love with the beautiful Sophia. The Bolsheviks are suitable in Kiev, the city is filled with “red” agents. The government of UNR throws to fight the enemy all combat-ready army, including uncov and students. Four hundred young men, among them Andrew and Alex, be chetyrehlistnyj against well-armed troops” — tell about the plot of the film-makers.

In the historic battle, the Ukrainians have destroyed more than 300 aggressors, however, and have lost up to 150 people killed. Those of the defenders who were captured by the Bolsheviks, was subsequently subjected to torture and humiliation. Students delayed the advance of the Bolsheviks in four days.

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