Published photos Paul Manafort in prison

Опубликовано фото Пола Манафорта в тюрьме

Published photos of the prisoner Paul Manafort that July 12 was transferred to a prison in Alexandria, Virginia.

This was reported by press Secretary of the office of the Sheriff of Alexandria, reports Voice of America.

The photo Manafort calmly looking at the camera. See his gray hair on the face is a light stubble. Photo was taken after four weeks of serving of punishment in prison in Warsaw, Virginia, almost a hundred miles from the capital.

Among other things, Manafort accused of money laundering and Bank fraud. 15 June, a Federal judge in Washington sent the former head of election campaign of Donald trump Paul Manafort in jail until the time of the over him of the trial in September.

According to the Sheriff, “because of the importance of the prisoner, Manafort protected, restricted his contact with other prisoners”.

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