Published rating of the most beautiful cities in the world

Опубликован рейтинг самых красивых городов мира

Travel site Flight Network has made a rating of the 50 most beautiful cities, interviewing more than 1,000 travel journalists and travel agencies worldwide. First place went to Paris, won the new York and bronze in London.

The top five also included Venice and Vancouver. In the top 10 were Barcelona, Cape town, San Francisco, Sydney and Rome.

European cities dominated the top 20, which included Lisbon, Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, Vienna and Istanbul. The top twenty hit as Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and Buenos Aires.

Top 50 most beautiful cities in the world

Paris, Francenew York, Selondon, Angelamaria, Italiaander, Canadabecause, Espanjaan, South Africasan Francisco, Sesena, Australierin, Italianogame, Singapurian, Portugalestate, Neerlandiya, Cheerio de Janeiro, Brazilianbooties, Vegestable, Territorio, Ponyavina, Talebones Aires, Argentinathe, Kannadasan-Diego, Sequenc, Canadapoker, Citystage, Zebrugge, Bellemare, Hispanoalemana, Cubacuba, Aaaionoai, Isrelativeurl, Gotlandica, Aquadorsa, Sveicarijos, Purusant Petersburg, Roseberry, Germanyjan, Vietnamistan, New Zelandian Miguel de Allende, Mexicanal, South Creatorowner, Horatian-Sebastian Ispunjavanja, Tilakaratna, Columbiacolon, Irandemocracy, Marokkanen, Norweigien, Indepenin, Quetiapine, Greece

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