Published the first color x-rays of people

Опубликованы первые цветные рентгеновские снимки людей

Published the first color x-ray images of the people [photo, video]
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The wrist is made using a color x-ray. Photo:

And the images are obtained without the use of radioisotopes.

In New Zealand for the first time tested x-ray color. Scanners have been developed by MARS Bioimaging. The founders of the Butler family: the father works as a physicist at the University of Canterbury, and his son, a radiologist at the universities of Otago and Canterbury. The x-ray machine uses a technology Medipix3, developed at CERN (European organization for nuclear research) and used for tracking of particles in the Large hadron Collider.

The images can easily distinguish the various types of fabrics and quickly find the problem.

Scanner MARS promises to revolutionize diagnostic imaging. It is the first commercially available 3D-spectral scanner to obtain images inside the body. At the same time to obtain images of the radioisotopes are not used, only the energy of the photons.

Three-dimensional colour x-ray of the mouse.

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