Published trailer of the film “overlord” about experiments on people in the secret base of the Second world war (VIDEO)

Опубликован трейлер фильма «Оверлорд» про опыты над людьми на секретной базе Второй мировой войны (ВИДЕО)

Paramount Pictures has released a trailer for the film “overlord”. It is a horror production Studio JJ Abrams Bad Robots.

The film is set during the Second world war – said Medusa.

In the story, American soldiers come to the small village where find the secret base of the Nazis. The main characters face the consequences of terrible experiments on people and come into the fight with supernatural forces and fighters of the German army.

The film was made by Julius Avery (“Young blood”), J. J. Abrams has produced. Starring Jovan, Adepa (“mom!”), as well as Jacob Anderson and Johan Philip Saw Asbeck, who starred in “Game of thrones” Grey Worm, and Euron Greyjoy.

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