Publisher PUBG Mobile will challenge Valve

Издатель PUBG Mobile бросит вызов Valve

Corporation Tencent, which runs an impressive market share of video games, plans to compete with major gaming platform. This, of course, on Steam. In the West, the Valve store is the undisputed leader among the other services for the dissemination of digital entertainment, but the Chinese company, most likely, these difficulties do not bother you. In holding huge resources and a decent stake in many foreign publishers, so that the output at the international arena, probably will not be difficult.

In 2017, Tencent launched a platform WeGame, where the Corporation distributing the game in China. It presents a total of 220 titles, and outside of the country area and was not hit, but soon things can change. As representatives of the company now is to develop a Hong Kong version of the service, which will be available to foreign users.

Output outside of China will allow owners WeGame to attract not only new users, but more importantly, more developers. Outside China, Tencent will not be bound by strict legislation governing the gaming industry, and thus be able to cooperate with a large number of different studios and publishers. Here’s the handy numerous investments in foreign companies.

It is curious that the Valve, in contrast, is targeting the Chinese market. In cooperation with Perfect World, the Corporation plans to open Steam China. Details about when it would launch a project yet, but the authors of the website South China Morning Post suggest that this announcement could provoke Tencent decisive action.


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