Pudenda Korea in year 2020 can pridratsya to coals in Ormusic protoc – ZMI

Південна Корея у 2020 році може приєднатися до коаліції в Ормузькій протоці - ЗМІ

Respublika Korea have answer on saclike USA fierce in 2020 rocky plane of napraviti isminizi to Ormusic duct in the framework of participation in Mineralni coals schodo zabezpechennya BEZPEKA of sudnoplavstva in this REGON. About TSE in powders The Chosun Ilbo iz Poranny on Dzherelo in pivdennoukrainska urad, nforma UNN.

“I SCN pivdennoukrainska Vlad got Namir depravity of truce to the headquarters of the International Agency s marsico BEZPEKA, Yak of rostkoviana in Bahrain for negotiated parts of the country participation in coals. Tsey spivrobitnyky s of pitane contact’yazku, provocaci once zagalna situat, bude stesnyat chotoku for otpravki essnce show,” reads podollan.

Take rsena, Yak wasnich vidana, Bulo prineto on Sasan For national BEZPEKA view from the past on Thursday, 12 grudnia.

The Agency Yonhap 13 grudnia informovala scho NSS participants discussed the roads to Patrice susil mineralno splinti I Zahist pivdennoukrainska I gromadyan ships in rayon Orasso ducts.

To this day, the Agency iz posolennym predstavnika Ministerstva national defense of the country podomoro scho Seoul rozhled mozliwosci participation in coals, however, although saclike USA, residual rsena pokey not priynyav.

The situation in San Persico zatoki zagorelsya on July 19, if ishow pid britanskim ensign tanker Stena Impero CCB of catrimani in Ormusic protoc forces Corps of bartovic Clasico rivals (eltn of Chastain ZS Ranu). About sviy Namir of stupity in Coalco said Australia, Bahrain, Sausi Arabia, UAE and UK.

From year 2009 Respublika Korea razmestil in AGINSKY sati isminizi “Kang Gam Chan”, and also be called a few more pdrandin commandos I vertolyot. For gone desatenta viscovi contingent Pudenda Core zabezpecit bespeco more than 22 thousand. ships I vdbu 21 napad ProTV in REGON.

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