Pumpkin seeds may protect against cancer and other diseases

Тыквенные семечки могут защитить от рака и других болезней

This conclusion, according to medical publishing Molecular Medicine Reports, researchers from the people’s Republic of China, published academic work on the topic. Scientists from China tested how cucurmin affects the malignant cells of the liver, and confirmed their initial assumptions.

Experiments have shown that a substance derived from pumpkin seeds, can actually activate the programmed death of cancer cells. Another study (again, by Chinese scientists) have shown that substances pumpkin seeds can be used for prevention of pancreatic cancer.

A diet with a content of pumpkin seeds, in addition, may reduce the risk of cancer of the breast, prostate, colon and stomach. This is indicated by the study referenced by the authors of the article in Food Research International, drew attention to the use of the product. Other scientists obtained data allow to claim that pumpkin seeds are helpful in diabetes, as well as in all inflammatory diseases, as they are able to provide effective antioxidant protection.

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