Puppets without distancing

Des marionnettes sans distanciation

In hibernation since last fall, the giant puppets of the Theatre of the Lady of Heart has come back to life. They are the stars of the Big Bric-à-Brac on display until the 30th of August in Upton in the Montérégie.

This family show, created last summer, has not had to be transformed to be able to be presented in compliance with the rules of the public Health.

The puppets are not affected by the distance. The nine artists who handle them wear masks and visors, and must wash their hands after sharing some objects.

“They had two months to shop around and find the mask that suited them best”, says Richard Blackburn, co-founder of the Theatre of the queen of Heart.

The only changes that have been made relate to the configuration of this theatre is outside and covered, which can normally accommodate 500 spectators. Since the August, 4, 200 are admitted.

The washing of hands is mandatory, corridors of movement with plexiglass have been developed, and the port of the cover face is mandatory until the spectator arrives at his seat. Islands allow people of the same family to be in the same space.

Four dimensions

The Great Bric-à-Brac is a performance in four dimensions that takes place above, around and among the public.

A total of 5000 spectators attending the performances, compared to 20 000 in normal times.

“This is the minimum to meet basic expenses,” said Richard Blackburn, noting that this particular season will not have, by reason of the existence of government subsidies, a dramatic impact on the health of the Theatre.

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