Purchase self-fulfilling prophecies: what people buy online



About 70% of people purchase goods in online stores. The figure is impressive. What are you buying online? On this and other issues with TV channel “MIR 24” said the expert in the field of promotion of international electronic exchanges Dmitry Haskell.

JH: Now in the first place clothing, followed by digital products, cosmetics. Started growing food market.

JH: these are the items that are associated with tourism vacation. The increased demand is observed in April-may. You can also select the Christmas holidays, when mass buying of digital technology and the 8th of March.

JH: All of the above. You can also add the fact that people can compare the price and quality of goods and read reviews. This, of course, convenience and efficiency, since it is not always possible to go to the other end of the city.

JH: This is due to the cost optimization of the enterprise – the enterprise independently set wages to employees and forced to pay rent. Also is the work on the system dropshipping: directly the seller keeps the goods, he can send it to the client from the manufacturer. Using different mechanisms to reduce the cost and offer best price.

JH: the Most active buyers in age from 24 to 35 years. They make up 48%. Followed by people under 24 years. The smallest layer – over 55 years, they accounted for less than 7%.

JH: With such situations facing people who previously asked about the reputation of the Internet site. Do not trust the new shops, which can seem ephemeral. It is also necessary to watch whether on the website legal information about the company. And – most importantly – where there is prepayment, you need to look for the presence of a major system through which payments to a secure connection.

JH: Reliable if they are safe via acquiring. But companies using them, very few in Russia. Basically we have to trust the international companies.

JH: there are the Usual pre-trial settlement in negotiations. Also enough on the aggregator site to leave a review – if the store realizes that an error has occurred is not their fault, and they aim to further attract customers, he will try to arrange to return the money or exchange the item.

– And if you deliver the goods. For example, a TV, and have it split screen. Who to make a claim?

JH: first and foremost thing to understand is to check the goods when courier. Then it is very difficult to prove that the goods were not damaged by the buyer. If this rule is satisfied, the money compensates the seller. And he can collect them from the courier service.

With couriers is also not easy. On sites some the Internet-shops it is reported that the buyer would not detain the courier for more than 10 minutes. To open the TV, unpack, connect and test it takes much longer. How to be?

JH: I would recommend to refuse from such stores. Is stores fight for customers is due to quality service.

JH: it All depends on whether a person wants to save on shipping. But even a technically complex product should not be afraid to order through the courier, because it’s always after delivery available. And if they rush it, should be discarded from both the product and services.