Purple lemonade to ease headaches and lift the spirits

Фиолетовый лимонад, чтобы облегчить головные боли и поднять настроение

Agree that it is simply impossible to pass a lavender Bush. Wonderful aroma, which the plant spreads itself around, leaves no one indifferent! You probably already imagine the fragrance of lavender tea, and in fact its application is much broader. Let’s find out.

Lavender as a remedy against headache

Lavender originating from the coastal areas around the Mediterranean, mainly used as flavor, or ornamental plant. In addition, lavender can also be a medicine. It’s a miracle cure You can use to relieve headaches, for this you need to prepare a special mixture.

For making lavender lemonade you will need 25 ounces of water (700 grams), two teaspoons of honey, 1.7 oz (50 grams) lemon juice and a teaspoon of lavender oil. Mix all ingredients, add ice cubes and slices of lemon to complete your refreshing drink!

Attention: Not all lavender oils are fit for human consumption! Lavender essential oil, created for body care, should not eat! Instead, it is better to take with the oil in an aromatic bath, which helps eliminate neuroses, normalization of sleep, improvement of health condition.

Pleasant tasting and well being — not any lemonade has such properties! Drink and forget about the migraine!

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