Purple sea: Azerbaijan started the first harvest of lavender flowers



In Azerbaijan started collecting lavender. The flowers of this plant used in medicine and perfumes. Although the culture in the country is grown only two years, have already achieved a good harvest and prepare to send raw material for export, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Ramil Taghiyev.

For lavender fields travel at six in the morning and work till noon. The flowers collected in this watch is the highest quality raw materials.
“After 12 hours of needed minerals already not produced. Plants are generally very capricious. Every you need to collect in due time, not earlier, not later,” says picker Peri Goncheva.

About the healing properties of lavender oil Saadat Sultanova learned when settled on the plant. Homes son accidentally burned my fingers. Colleagues suggested to lubricate the wound. Two days later, the burn gone.

“Lavender flowers can be used for coughs, bronchitis and inflammation of all kinds. This is all I learned here. I used to think that lavender is used only in perfumery”, says factory worker Saadat Sultanova.

Lavender in Azerbaijan harvested three times a year: in late June, early August and in September. The first harvest is the richest. With 38 hectares receive 10 tons of raw materials. After collecting the flowers sent to the factory. Each of the boilers is treated by a half-ton of lavender.
“Couples in a special cooling apparatus into water. After water enters the separating unit where the oil is separated from water. The entire process takes an hour and a half,” says the plant engineer of Tabriz Allahverdiyev.

To obtain a liter of oil, you will need 70 kilograms of raw materials. Quality is a product of light yellow color. In the laboratory it was filtered. Then sent to the warehouse.

“We want our products to bring abroad. Currently there are negotiations with leading perfume factories and medical plants in France and China”, – said the Director of the plant Ilham Mehdiyev.

Flowers grown in Zaqatala district “of Damascus” grade, it came from Bulgaria. He is considered the best for cooking oil.

Lavender is also useful in migraine and neurasthenia. A decoction of the flowers and helps insomnia.