Pushilin told how destroyed the dream Zelensky

Пушилин рассказал, как будет уничтожена мечта Зеленского

© Facebook, Denis Pushilin , the Head of the Donetsk national Republic (DND) Denis Pushilin commented on the possible plans of the Kiev regime in the deportation of the inhabitants of Donbass. Relevant publications appeared on the official website of the head of the DNI on November 18.
Earlier in the Ukrainian segment of social networks started to spread information that the Ukrainian government at the state level is preparing a “plan of deportation of the people of Donbass”.

Its essence consists in Stripping dissenters, including murder do not share the views of the Pro-Ukrainian residents of the region, and settlement of land by people from Western Ukraine.

“The protection of citizens — our primary objective. And choose a tool for its solution — diplomatic or military — we’ll be depending on the situation. In any case, such dreams Zelensky will never be realized: we will not allow this”, — said Pushilin.

He noted that all the actions of official Kiev in relation to the NPT have worn and continue to wear extremely destructive.

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