Pushkov called “fantasies” statement of Kiev about the Crimea and the Donbass

Пушков назвал "фантазиями" заявления Киева о Крыме и Донбассе

© RIA Novosti / Nina zotina
Senator Alexei Pushkov in Twitter commented on the words of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and head of the foreign Ministry Vadim Pristayko about the possible involvement of the US and NATO to “return” Crimea to Kiev and resolve the conflict in the Donbass.Zelensky earlier in an interview said that the platform for discussing the issue of “return” Crimea would be the creation of an international format with participation of Ukraine, Russia and the United States. Pristayko, in turn, announced the intention of Kiev to attract NATO to resolve the conflict in the Donbas.”In Kiev want to help US return to the Crimea, with NATO’s assistance to return the Donbass. Is it possible? The correct answer is no,” wrote Pushkov.According to the Senator, the US has neither the strength nor the desire to help Ukraine in the “return” of Crimea, and NATO “did not even try to be” to return the Donbass. He noted that “this is all Kiev imagination”.Earlier radio Sputnik reported that Zelensky considered useless discussion on Donbass without Russia.

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