Putin about the floods in the Irkutsk region: as soon as possible to restore the house

PHOTO : TASS / Polyskalova-Nikolay Shinkarenko


Russian President Vladimir Putin, who arrived in London from floods Irkutsk oblast, stated the need as soon as possible to start the reconstruction of housing. The corresponding statement was made at the meeting devoted to liquidation of consequences of floods, informs TASS.

“Please now not hesitate to outline a plan of action to restore the property to complete this work as quickly as possible,” said the Russian leader, stressing that before the arrival of cold weather there are not a lot of time.

He added that the instruction also applies to social facilities. According to Putin, should not be allowed to start the school year in the region was postponed.

In addition, he instructed the FAS and the Ministry of interior to prevent the growth of prices on commodities to “speculators are not profiting from the distress of the people.”

In the Irkutsk region entered a state of emergency. The flood has covered 31 villages. Flooded nearly four thousand houses, inhabited by nine thousand people. According to the latest data, as a result of the cataclysm killed five people, 97 taken to hospital, the fate of two remains unknown.