Putin about the situation with the Church in Ekaterinburg: it is Necessary to consider opinion of inhabitants

PHOTO : MIR / Igor Medvedev


Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to conduct a survey among residents of Yekaterinburg to find out their attitude to the construction of the temple in the centre of the city. The head of state drew attention to the importance of the views of citizens, RIA “Novosti”.

With the corresponding statement he made Thursday at a media forum of the Russian popular front in Sochi, answering the question of one of participants of discussion.

“If we are talking about the locals, their opinion should be considered. The Church must unite and not divide. There is a simple way to conduct a survey. And the minority must obey the majority. This is the principle of democracy. But, of course, you need to consider the views and interests of that minority. And if you build the temple, let the developers make the square in a different place,” – said Putin.

The Russian leader called on supporters and opponents of the construction of the Shrine to dialogue and stressed that regional and city governments must find a solution that will suit everyone.

Recall that from the 13th of may in Yekaterinburg held rallies against the plans of the city authorities for the construction of the Cathedral of St. Catherine on October square. Some residents are unhappy that the Church wants to build on the site of the Park.