Putin admitted the increase of the targeted places in universities

Путин допустил увеличение количества бюджетных целевых мест в вузах

Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted the increase of the targeted places in universities. The head of state explained that the aim of these measures is the provision of small settlements by qualified experts, reports TASS.

At a media forum of the Russian popular front (onf) Putin said about the need to expand the mechanism of targeted training. The Russian leader noted that at present it is conducted in accordance with the demands of the republics, regions, municipalities and individual institutions.

The President pointed out that the state has almost no tools to restore the Soviet system of distribution of students after training in universities. However, if a graduate, enrolled in the target program evaded duties for work in a certain place, he will have to pay a fine.

“If people studied for free at the expense of the state and pledged to go back and work a certain number of years have lapsed after this, please do, penalties in the amount of sum paid for him during the training. It is, in principle, valid. Need to expand, in this way, we probably will go,” Putin said.