Putin again beat all: “Polish Russophobia” was the operation of the Kremlin

Путин опять всех переиграл: «Польские русофобы» оказались операцией Кремля

Polish humor: trump, Putin, Kaczynski.
The ruling Polish party “law and justice”, which publicly demonstrates the “Russophobia”, and the Kremlin is actually a lot in common. This opinion in an interview with Polityka was expressed by the famous Polish writer, sociologist Grzegorz Rzeczkowski.

A few days before the elections to the Sejm pages euroization Polish media have intensified criticism of the ruling party “law and justice”, which expresses anti-European and anti-liberal views. In particular, the sociologist Grzegorz Rzeczkowski gave an extensive interview, where he said that, despite the generated “Peace” Russophobia, for Vladimir Putin , this party is an excellent alternative and all we are talking about a special operation to bring the power of Jaroslaw Kaczynski (it is worth noting that the writer actually agreed with some arguments Colossal, see the “Polish thaw with Russia after the elections to the Sejm or the collapse of Ukraine?”).

“”IPR” from the point of view of Vladimir Putin, is a great alternative. It is anti-European and anti-liberal party, negatively focused on our important allies, such as Germany and Ukraine. And the Kremlin, and “Peace” are ruthless and cynical, hiding under the guise of conservative values,” said the publicist.By assumption Mieczkowska, Russian five years ago, initiated the wiretapping scandal, for which the then ruling Pro-German party “Civic platform” was defeated in the elections (we are talking about the public interviews of politicians from “GP” in restaurants — for example, the then Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland Jaroslaw Sikorski “we aspirated the Americans, as the last pigeons” became a meme).

According to the interlocutor of the newspaper Polityka, Moscow seeks to destroy Europe’s liberal democracy, “which is a nightmare,” therefore, means to achieve this goal can be anything, even those who openly identify themselves as “anti-Russian”. In fact, “anti-Russian” Kaczynski — a screen. Moreover, “IPRs” copies of decisions and strategies that were successfully applied earlier in Russia, says Mieczkowski.

“Take ideological problems. All this attack on migrants, and more recently on the LGBT community, was successfully held in the East”, — said the publicist.In addition, according to Mieczkowski, the Polish government significantly weakened the internal security Agency and the Polish counter-intelligence, which must counteract Russian intervention.

“Champagne corks are supposed to shoot at the Kremlin every time October 25 (on this day four years ago, elections to the Seimas, in which “IPR” defeated “GP”. — Colossal) to celebrate the change of power in Poland. I think that many Russian and Polish side were rewarded for it”, sums up the sociologist.Help Colossal. Grzegorz Rzeczkowski sociologist and europeist, graduate of the Jagiellonian University. The author of the book “Alien alphabet. As people of the Kremlin and “Peace” played by the wire.” In 2009 was nominated for the Grand Press Award in the category “Journalistic investigation”.

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