Putin and Erdogan decided the Kurdish question in favor of Syria

Путин и Эрдоган решили курдский вопрос в пользу Сирии

After six hours of negotiations, Moscow and Ankara have agreed on how to resolve the situation in Northern Syria without the bloodshed. Turkey remains in the buffer zone, from which the Kurdish formations. However, Erdogan said that Turkey does not covet someone else’s territory, and reaffirmed the commitment to preserving Syrian territorial integrity. Vladimir Putin called the decision momentous – and so it is.For 16 years Putin and Erdogan have held multiple meetings and negotiations, but unlikely though some of them lasted as long as this Tuesday in Bocharov Creek. Six hours was worth it – reached a crucial agreement on the Northern part of Syria, and hence at the end only the Syrian conflict.”To achieve lasting stabilization in Syria in General, in our opinion, is possible only under condition of observance of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of this country. This is a principled position, and we have actually spoken about this with the President of Turkey. It is important that the Turkish partners share this approach,” Putin described the outcome of the negotiations.Syria obtains control over one’s own North, inhabited mostly by Kurds. In the last eight years, when the Syrian Kurds used to live and to fight on their own (albeit under American supervision), they less feel a part of Syria. But as the Assad through Russia has restored control over all new parts of the country, the future of the breakaway Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, or Rozhava, as it is called, has become increasingly problematic. The Turks would never have agreed to the presence on their borders, essentially independent Kurdish state and Syria, sooner or later, would try to regain control over its territory. But while on Kurdish territory were American military (a few hundred people meant Washington’s support of the Kurds), everything was suspended.However, after the States left (not suddenly – and knowing the determination of Erdogan to launch an operation against the Kurds), the situation began to develop rapidly. Ankara launched a “Source of peace” whose purpose was to squeeze out Kurdish units of the 30-kilometer zone along the Turkish border. The Kurds were forced to come to terms with Damascus, and they began to retreat from most of the “security zone” declared by the Turks, and admitted to its territory by Syrian forces. But many were afraid of clashes between Syrians and Turks, do not need, however, to any of the parties.In this situation Russia has brokered a deal – that it will monitor the withdrawal of Kurdish forces and the entry of the Syrian army first, on the territory Rozhava and to the Turkish border outside the “security zone”. And after 150 hours (which the Turks left on the completion of the operation and removal of the Kurds), Russia and Turkey will begin to patrol the area to the East and West from the “security zone” up to that point free from the Kurdish forces. It is clear that in the next phase, which will be specified, to the border of Turkey to leave Syrian border guards and the military. That is, the Syrians will eventually replace the Turks on the territory Rozhava – Ankara forced Kurdish forces and Assad’s army will come to the place of the Turkish troops that Erdogan will, when you will be convinced in the absence of the Kurdish forces.

The Turks confirmed that they do not need Syrian territory. Their goal is to remove Kurdish troops from its border. As they left, the control over the territories will be transferred to the Syrian army under the control of the Russian military police for the withdrawal and disarmament of the Kurdish parts.That is, there will be no collisions of the Turks and the Syrians nor the Turks fighting the Kurds (if the Kurds really everywhere will take the troops), and Damascus will have control over the Northern part of the country. Yes, yet not over all the Kurds will retain their units in several settlements, but the very fact that the Syrian army on the Syrian-Turkish border is extremely important.Damascus has lost control over it in the beginning of the war and is now beginning to return, and hence to restore national sovereignty. He’s not anti-Turkish or anti-Kurdish. As stated by Vladimir Putin, “to protect peace and tranquility on the border the Turks and the Syrians will, and without mutual respect and cooperation between Turkey and Syria do not.”Lost if the Kurds? Only if you look at the situation from the point of view of the dream of an independent Syrian Kurdistan. But in reality the chances he never had any. Now the Kurds will have to negotiate with Damascus on broad autonomy within Syria – it will be the best option for the people, to which more than 10 percent of the Syrian population.As said Vladimir Putin:“in addition, you need to start a broad dialogue between the Syrian government and the Kurds living in North-East Syria. It is obvious that in the framework of such an inclusive dialogue can be fully taken into account and implemented all the rights and interests of the Kurdish people, the Kurds as an integral part of the multinational Syrian people.”The Kurds are entitled to respect for their interests. But the interests of Syria and Turkey now have top priority. Syria going together after eight years of collapse, while Turkey wants to protect its southern border, to make it through it no one bothered. Russia can guarantee the return of the Turkish-Syrian neighborhood, yet the border, and eventually peace. The Kurds will still live on both sides of the border, but they will not be able to use in their games external forces that leave them far from the middle East.

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