Putin and Pope Francis discussed the situation in Syria

PHOTO : Website of the President of the Russian Federation



Russian President Vladimir Putin and Pope Francis discussed in the Vatican and current international issues, including the situation in Syria, Ukraine and Venezuela, said the report, which was circulated by the print service of the Holy see.

“The parties settled on the environmental issue and on certain topical international themes, focusing on Syria, Ukraine and Venezuela,” the document says.

At the end of the meeting the Russian leader and the Pope exchanged gifts. The President gave Pope Francis an icon of the apostles Peter and Paul, as well as the disc with the movie “Sin,” Andrei Konchalovsky and illustrated album devoted to this film.

The Pope in turn presented Putin personally signed a message for the world day of peace, 2019, medal in honor of the sixth year of the pontificate and an etching overlooking St. Peter’s square the work of Giuseppe Vazi 1774.