Putin at a forum in China called to deal with the consequences of protectionism

PHOTO : Website of the President of the Russian Federation


The international community must develop a response to manifestations of protectionism, one of the forms which are unilateral and illegitimate sanctions. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the opening ceremony of the second forum of “One belt and one road”, reports TASS.

“It is important to develop an effective response to the risks of fragmentation of the global political, economic and technological space, the growth of protectionism, the most dangerous form of which are often used currently is illegitimate taken in circumvention of the UN security Council unilateral restrictions or, worse, a trade war,” – said the Russian leader.

According to Putin, the international community only together can resist such challenges. Among the global problems, he called the slowdown in global economic development, the gap of welfare between different countries and the technological gap.

As noted by the President of Russia, these negative trends provide a breeding ground for terrorism, extremism and illegal migration, causing a resurgence of old and emergence of new regional conflicts.

As an example, substantial positive agenda to address these problems, Putin mentioned the Eurasian economic Union (EEU). Putin said that Russia is interested in the most tight cooperation with Eurasian partners on the basis of principles of respect for sovereignty, rights and legitimate interests of each state.

International forum of “One belt and one road” in Beijing kicked off yesterday. With the participation of 40 heads of state, including Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russian President arrived in Beijing the day before.