Putin called for the need to develop protection against hypersonic weapons

Путин призвал к необходимости разработать защиту от гиперзвукового оружия

Russia should become a leader in the field of protection against hypersonic weapons. This called the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during a meeting on developing the armed forces and the military-industrial complex, Interfax reports.

According to the President, Russia should get the most advanced protection against hypersonic weapons before leading countries of the world will join their arsenals this type of weapons.

“For us it would be better if for them it will be later”, – said Putin.

The President noted that while hypersonic weapons no one else in the world except Russia. However, to delay the creation of protection impossible, since the leading countries of the world have already lead their own development.

As Putin said, if the work will continue at the same pace as before, Russia will be able to get special protection system that will be able to prevent the impact of hypersonic missiles.

“Experts know what I say I mean. This requires attention, requires a professional approach in planning and in the preparation of this work. It needs to be done and should be done in the timeframe that we have,” he said.

Putin also noted the importance of equipping aerospace forces, air defense systems, including s-400 long-range and “Pantsir-s” in the middle of the action.

“Now and in the future, the role of videoconferencing in military operations, reliable control over the sky and outer space exceptionally significant and I’m sure you also understand this, know that based on this, it all will only increase”, – said the President.

Earlier it was reported that the us missile defense Agency (MDA), traditionally involved in the creation of protective systems, accelerate the development of hypersonic maneuvering unit, which must compete with the Russian “Avant-garde”.