Putin called Russia’s relations with Italy special

Путин назвал отношения России с Италией особенными

Russian President Vladimir Putin called Russia’s relations with Italy special. He stated this in an interview

“With Italy we have a truly special long-standing relationship. We keep continuous operation in the political, economic, scientific and humanitarian spheres”, – said the Russian leader.

Speaking of sanctions, Putin said that Moscow did not want to extend the restrictions on economic ties with Italy.

“But the problem is that our measures of the response to illegal sanctions and we could not enter them on a selective basis,” he explained. Meanwhile, Putin noted that the Russian measures are partial and in General does not prevent successful development of cooperation in the field of production and investment.

The Russian leader expressed the hope that in Europe, common sense will prevail and the EU, as the initiator of the sanctions regime, will make the first step to overcome it.

“Then Russia will be able to cancel its retaliatory measures,” Putin said.

According to him, almost all the political forces of Italy share the conviction about the necessity of good relations with Russia.