Putin: Cooperation between Russia and the U.S. on Afghanistan is a useful and energetic. EXCLUSIVE

PHOTO : US Department of defense



Vladimir Putin gave an exclusive interview to broadcasting company “MIR”. One of the issues on the agenda of the Meeting on confidence-building measures and security in Asia, to be held in mid-June in Tajikistan.

Putin: This is a broad format that originated on the initiative of first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. This is another platform where leaders can get together and talk about the situation in the vast region of Asia. The Middle East is concerned, this applies to South Asia.

There are a lot of issues and problems that require special attention, starting with the long-standing problems of the Israeli-Palestinian settlement, to Afghanistan, Iran and the nuclear program of Iran, North Korea and its nuclear program, and so on and so forth. A lot of questions.

Of course, we are worried about middle East issues, but no less worried and everything to do with Iran’s nuclear program, with North Korea. Especially attentively we follow the events in Afghanistan. Here, incidentally, we are quite vigorously and, in my opinion, with the benefit of cooperating with so many countries, including the United States, which there are a certain load and maintain the situation in Afghanistan.

We contribute, and hope that our joint work in this area, on this track, will give good results. But overall – I repeat and would like to complete the answer to Your question as I began, a lot of the issues that will be the focus of our discussion.