Putin: Even in the digital age, the focus remains with the person

PHOTO : Website of the President of the Russian Federation


The person remains in the center of everything even in the digital age. This was stated by Vladimir Putin at the international forum “Development of parliamentarism”, reports “WORLD 24”.

“New technologies can play a positive role in increasing transparency and democratization of public and political life, and in strengthening political institutions. But in that case, if we all remember what “figure” that people are always a source of power that the person and his rights in the basis,” – said the Russian leader.

Vladimir Putin is confident that the new technology should help solve the problems that concern billions of people. The main thing – not to forget about sovereignty and the right of each people to choose its own path of development.

At the second International forum “Development of parliamentarism” – 800 representatives of 130 countries. The main topics of the forum this year – security, digital economy, combating poverty and inequality, ecology.