Putin: Forum on “One belt and one road” best for all countries of Eurasia

Путин: Форум «Один пояс – один путь» выгоден для всех стран Евразии

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin urged to promote mutual investments in the framework of the project “One belt and one road”, and not only to trade, reports RIA “FAN”.

The Russian leader will soon go on the forum of “One belt and one road” in China, the day before he gave an interview to the Chinese newspaper Renmin Ribao. Putin called the participation in the event is beneficial to all the countries of the Eurasian continent. According to him, the event will have a positive impact on the economic potential, which in turn osposobljaet increase in the quality of life of people.

“It is necessary not only to trade but also promote mutual investment, implement joint infrastructure, transport and logistics, environmental projects”, – said the Russian leader in an interview with Renmin Ribao.

The Russian President believes it is an important industrial and technological operations, as well as educational and scientific exchanges between the two countries. Putin also called the projects in the framework of the initiative “One belt and one road” are important for equal partnerships. He expressed the hope that the integration processes promoted by the Eurasian space, will receive a powerful impulse for development.

Forum on “One belt and one road” will begin on Thursday, April 25. This event will bring together 150 representatives of the countries of the world, including the leaders of 37 countries. The forum aims to help create new trade and transport corridors, as well as to strengthen the relationships between more than 60 countries of Central Asia, Europe and Africa.