Putin has helped the disoriented Merkel

Путин помог дезориентированной Меркель

German Chancellor Angela Merkel after talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin is not oriented in space and headed to the other side to take a seat at the table. The Russian leader has noticed this and helped the head of the Cabinet. The corresponding video was placed by the Agency .

The footage Merkel have exchanged opinions with Putin after shaking hands, after which he planned to take at the table place in the same line with Putin, although according to Protocol, the leaders had to sit opposite each other. Putin told Chancellor bewildered way.

Note a curious case in the framework of the summit of “Big twenty” occurred amid reports about the disease Merkel. For two weeks she was twice hit by the gun cameras with fits of shivering. She Chancellor noted that not experiencing health problems, and expressed confidence that “self-will”.