Putin: In the implementation of projects desired results, not just the development of money

PHOTO : Mikhail Metzel/TASS


Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the implementation of national projects need not only to master the money should be the result of these investments, reports RIA “Novosti”. He said this at a media forum of regional and local media “Truth and justice” in Sochi.

He stressed that it is extremely important to see what is happening on the ground and how effectively this money is being spent.

“We need not just the development of money, we need the results of these investments, so the people felt these results to the country developed, and strengthened, became a powerful, comfortable and had prospects for the future.” – said Putin.

The head of state noticed that hardly anyone likes criticism. Although it helps to reveal shortcomings in the work and draw conclusions. Criticism like people who are focused on results, he said.

“But I do not like and can appreciate, that is, by how it is effective, this criticism. And love – hardly. And it is hardly necessary to expect that everyone will be happy with this criticism”, – quotes its TASS.

According to the Russian leader, sometimes the government has to take unpopular measures, which have been criticized in the society. “They need often country, region, municipality. But it is clear that something can not like. But we must have the courage to do it, if we truly love the cause we serve,” added the President.

Putin supported the idea of assistance with the preparation of children for school to families who are experiencing financial difficulties. He also did not rule out that children who eat free school, there will be more. But here the Russian leader instructed to carefully calculate the amount and determine the sources of funding, not to “make decisions that cannot be implemented”.

In addition, the President said he will instruct the Cabinet of Ministers to increase the quota in universities for preparation of specialists for the village. Putin offered to return the Soviet system of distribution of graduates. He also promised to think about it.

This year for the first time official media in the media forum was joined by bloggers. The truth is, virtually, via the communication platform SNWall. This is a Russian development for the monitoring of social networks. The moderators of the discussion in real time in a huge flow of messages selected publications ordinary people who are devoted to the problems of their regions.