Putin: In the XXI century the potential of the Russian army will determine combat lasers

Путин: В XXI веке потенциал Российской армии будут определять боевые лазеры

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin believes that in the XXI century the potential of the Russian army and Navy will largely determine the combat lasers. He stated this at a meeting on military issues in Sochi, reports “Interfax”.

“They have already been created in practice. I emphasize that timely implementation of these projects is extremely important, because such weapons in the coming decades, almost the entire XXI century will largely determine the combat potential of the Russian army and fleet”, – said Putin.

The head of state proposed to discuss the work on creation of the Russian laser weapons, noting that the first of this type of weapon found only in science fiction films.

The Russian leader also urged to study the first results of operation of Russian laser complex “Peresvet” and hypersonic complex “Dagger”.

“I propose to consider separately, as a whole is the development of promising arms, including created on the basis of the so-called new physical principles,” – said the President.

Recall that the Russian laser weapons “Peresvet” was first announced by Vladimir Putin during the announcement of the message to the Federal Assembly on March 1, 2018. Complexes was replaced on an experimental combat duty from December 1, 2018. The weapon is classified: the complex, presumably to be used for defense.