Putin offers to the United States an exchange of electoral “guarantees of non-interference”

Putin offers to the United States an exchange of electoral “guarantees of non-interference”

MOSCOW | Vladimir Poutine on Friday proposed to the United States to exchange promises of electoral “non-interference” and to cooperate in matters of information technology to promote a global non-aggression pact in this area.

In a statement issued by the Kremlin, the Russian president proposes to Washington “to exchange mutual guarantees of non-interference, including in electoral processes”, to agree on a “set of practical measures” and finally to work on a global pact against aggression using “information and communication technologies”.

“One of the major strategic challenges of the contemporary world is the risk of a major confrontation in the digital domain. A particular responsibility to avoid it falls on the key actors of world security in the field of information ”, writes Vladimir Poutine.

Russia has been accused for years of using hackers, online troll factories and concocting viral fake news to influence electoral processes in the West.

Moscow is particularly accused of having secretly supported Donald Trump's candidacy in 2016, favoring his victory.

The Kremlin is also still suspected of seeking to influence the current US presidential campaign, which pits Mr. Trump against Democrat Joe Biden.

Russia is also accused of piloting hackers who have targeted many Western institutions, such as the lower house of the German Parliament or Angela Merkel's chancellery.

The Kremlin has denied all of these accusations, and in return accuses Europeans and Americans of waging a war of disinformation against Russia.

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