Putin on the construction of the landfill in Cheese: it is Necessary to consider opinion of inhabitants

Путин о строительстве полигона ТБО в Шиесе: Нужно учитывать мнение жителей

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the media forum BIP “Truth and justice” in Sochi, spoke on the topic of the construction of the landfill in Cheese. The head of state believes that this issue should be solved between the heads of Moscow and the Arkhangelsk region, but also taking into account the views of residents, reports “Interfax”.

“Moscow cannot waste overgrown is a ten-millionth of the city. But in other regions do not need to create problems. In any case, it must be in dialogue with people. I will definitely speak with the heads of regions. They can’t solve it privately, without asking the opinion of people who live in the vicinity of these polygons”, – Putin said.

The President noted that the concerns of the people of the region are not unfounded and stressed that the plants should be based on international standards, in order not to hurt anyone.

We will remind, the Commission on investment policy and competition development in the Arkhangelsk region, last year approved the investment project on creation. “Sies”. It provides for the construction of a landfill for the disposal of waste in the Lensky district of the region and is recognized as a priority.

It is noted that ekotekhnopark will be built only after an environmental impact assessment. Sorting and briquetting waste will occur in a distribution center in Lyubertsy wastewater treatment facilities in Moscow, and then in an airtight bales briquetted waste will go by rail for further processing or disposal.