Putin ordered to allocate the “multiples” more on artificial intelligence

PHOTO : TASS / Mikhail Metzel


Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered “multiples” to increase funding for scientific research in the field of artificial intelligence. With the corresponding statement he made at a meeting on the development of artificial intelligence technologies, reports TASS.

The meeting was held in the education center programming “School 21”. Among the tasks that need to be addressed in the near future, the President mentioned the creation of new mathematical methods and principles of artificial intelligence. Putin said that the need to teach the AI to work like the human brain.

“You need multiples to increase funding for research in the field of artificial intelligence, to create an incentive for private investment and development of the corporate science, research, development,” – said the Russian leader.

In addition, the President has proposed to improve financial stimulation of domestic and foreign experts in the field of AI. The President also believes that the need to speed up and simplify the procedure of obtaining Russian citizenship and the right to employment of foreign experts in this field. The Russian leader noted that among them there are many Russians willing to return home.

“Of course, if necessary, quickly and without delay to resolve issues on granting citizenship, work permits, and solve other formalities,” – said Putin.

According to the President, no less important is making the necessary changes in legislation to introduction of technologies of artificial intelligence.

“It is important to remove legal and administrative barriers to technological pioneering, while providing the security of the state and society, unconditional observance of the rights of citizens”, – said the President.