Putin promised to “rhythmic” support for Russian scientists

PHOTO : MIR / Igor Medvedev


The President of Russia Vladimir Putin promised to support Russian scientists. On Friday, the Russian leader met in Sochi with those who receive state mega-grants, reports “WORLD 24”.

“It is unacceptable that the planned project funds are received irregularly, or do not come. I said that in the first phase we have provided such timely funding. I guarantee that this will continue. We have the source is, it is defined, it is sufficient for such work”, – said Putin.

Important issue the President called the creation of conditions for work of scientists in the regions. And the opening of scientific-educational centers should not undergo an excessive number of approvals. So, two years in Russia on the basis of universities have already established nearly 80 world class laboratories.

The program of mega-grants were in the country nine years ago to bring into the institutes leading scientists not only from Russia but also from abroad. The amount received by each researcher, exceeds one hundred million rubles.

According to the President, now Russian science is becoming younger and more competitive.