Putin: Russia and China are strategic partners in every sense of the word. EXCLUSIVE

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Russian President Vladimir Putin in an exclusive interview of broadcasting company “MIR” has told about relations of Moscow and Beijing, economic partnership and to coordinate activities in the international arena.

He noted that Russia and China are “unprecedented, good and high relationship”, the countries are “strategic partners in every sense of the word.”

“We cooperate in the economic and humanitarian spheres, on regional level, interact our Ministries of foreign Affairs and the Ministry of defence. We are making a significant contribution to the maintenance of global peace and security. And not only in the region where our countries and the world in General, as permanent members of the UN Security Council, we are coordinating our activity”, – said Putin.

According to the head of the Russian Federation, the trade turnover with China reached 108 billion dollars.

“Last year we set ourselves the challenge to reach the $ 100 billion [dollars], it [the trade] has reached 108 billion. We have very good friendly relations with the leader of China, President of China. It is also making a significant contribution because it creates atmosphere of trust,” Putin said.

The Russian leader also said Moscow is not going to intervene in the negotiations between the US and China in trade dispute, since the countries themselves must find a way out of the situation.