Putin: Russia has no sense to intervene in a trade war the US and China. EXCLUSIVE

Путин: России нет никакого смысла вмешиваться в торговую войну США и Китая. ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ

Vladimir Putin gave an exclusive interview to broadcasting company “MIR”. One of the issues is the trade war between China and the United States, as well as Russian-Chinese relations.

Putin: the SCO was established as an organization is not at the initiative of China, and on the initiative of all the countries participating in the negotiations on border issues, of which I have spoken. But first and foremost was Russia and China, Yes, together. But all the rest of our partners took equal part in the work, and in the creation of this organization.

As for trade wars and my jokes, when I remembered the Chinese proverb, but You probably did not pay attention to what I’ve done. I said that we live in a complex world. Since the birth of these sayings, the situation has been changed dramatically, and today relations between Russia and China are of particular importance for our countries and for the global community in General, without exaggeration I can say about it.

In fact, if the answer to Your question, of course, there is a dispute between the largest economies in the world. And there’s a lot of specific issues related to the ongoing work of the two States.

China is a huge factory for the production of goods for the whole world, including the United States. USA place their production and create new jobs. However, the people’s Republic of China when it sells its goods in foreign markets, including a significant amount to the U.S. market, a significant part of the received revenue in the form of foreign exchange reserves stores in us securities. There’s a lot of specific relations between the two countries.

And of course, even from the point of view of common sense we have no reason to interfere in this negotiation process. But – and this “but” a very serious matter. What I mean? First, we have with China is really unprecedented good and high relationship. We are really strategic partners in every sense of the word. We cooperate in the economic and humanitarian spheres, on regional level, interact our Ministries of foreign Affairs and the Ministry of defence.

We are making a significant contribution to the maintenance of global peace and security. And not only in the region where our countries and the world in General as permanent members of the UN Security Council, we coordinate our activities.

Unfortunately, we do not say about our relationship with the United States – they [relations] are degrading, getting worse and worse. In recent years in relation to Russia, the current administration has taken has, in my opinion, a few dozen decisions related to sanctions.

On the contrary, China’s trade is growing, it reached 108 billion dollars. Last year we set ourselves the challenge to reach the $ 100 billion [dollars], it [the trade] has reached 108 billion.

We have very good friendly relations with the leader of China, President of China. It is also making a significant contribution because it creates atmosphere of trust. And, of course, in these circumstances, our sympathy on the side of our strategic partners, that goes without saying.

Primarily because even that any activity associated with the destruction of the present prevailing for decades the architecture of international economic relations, in our opinion, be detrimental to all the participants of economic activities.

Therefore, we very much hope that common sense eventually will prevail. We with all our partners, including our American partners, the United States, hopefully within the upcoming “twenty” will be able to reach some decisions that will be constructive, will create the necessary stable conditions for cooperation in the field of Economics.