Putin signed a law on fines for the use of anonymizers

Путин подписал закон о штрафах за использование анонимайзеров

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law introducing fines for non-compliance ban on anonymizers. This information is published on the Kremlin website.

In the Code of administrative offences (Cao) has been amended. Now if the hosting provider or the anonymizer does not provide data about their owners or funds bypass the lock, as well as the information about the notification of the owner about the need to embed data to identify, it will be fined from 10 thousand to 30 thousand rubles (for individuals) and from 50 thousand rubles to 300 thousand rubles (for legal entities). If the search engines will give links to banned in Russia sites, the responsible individuals will have to pay from 3 thousand to 5 thousand rubles, officials — from 30 thousand to 50 thousand rubles and for legal entities — from 500 thousand rubles to 700 thousand rubles.

The law, restricting the operation of the anonymizer, entered into force in November 2017. The list of affected services determines the Federal security service (FSB) or other body carrying out operational-investigative activity. According to the law, Roskomnadzor must send to the proxies the requirement to connect to the Federal state information system (FGIS) and to block access to the designated resources. Anonymizer, not done so within 30 days of receipt of the claim of Roskomnadzor, blocked.


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