Putin signed the law about electronic voting in elections to the Moscow city Duma

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law on the experiment on the organization of electronic voting at the elections to the Moscow city Duma. This is stated on the official portal of legal information.

The Moscow city Duma elections will be held on 8 September. Muscovites will be able to choose a voting method: either traditional or remote.

Electronic voting does not require the use of paper. To vote electronically, the voter must apply through the portal at least three days before the election. The statement will record only when the user enters the correct passport details and address, and then will be further tested.

On election day in the personal Cabinet of the voter will have access to the Bulletin in electronic form. The application will not deprive the voter of the right to vote in the traditional way, but if he will vote remotely, it will automatically exclude from the list.

For the organization of electronic voting in Moscow will create a special precinct election Commission.

The Moscow government previously presented the draft technical requirements for ensuring the remote voting. They, in particular, says that the choice of each voter should be encrypted no data transmission over the Internet, at the user’s browser. Contains the encrypted vote, the transaction must sign a randomly generated account and randomly mixed before sending to blockchain for protection against user mappings and transactions by timestamp. The information about the voting process will be in real time transmitted to printers installed at the polling stations.

IPCC Chairman Valentin Gorbunov said that until 19 June, the government called three of the County where the experiment will be held. They will be determined by a vote of Muscovites on the platform of “Active citizen”.