Putin: the Authorities in Moldova is usurped by the oligarchs. What is now done Dodon is a step towards building a full-fledged, civilized, modern state. EXCLUSIVE

PHOTO : MIR / Irina Fomochkina

Conversation with the President. Vladimir Putin gave an exclusive interview to broadcasting company “MIR” expressed expressed its position on events in Moldova.

“I believe that Moldova is not a unique situation, not unique. But the most revealing, because the power in Moldova, as well as partly in the Ukraine, was in the full and literal sense of the word usurped by oligarchs, the oligarchs, who are crushed by all the state structures, all brand: and law enforcement, and Parliament and whatever. That is earned on the Moldovan people’s money and allowed them to strengthen their personal well-being and leverage to the state. That is now made by the President of Dodon and his recent opponents, so to say, conditionally, according to the Pro-Western parties, it’s still a step towards building a full-fledged, civilized, modern state. We will continue to support and President of Dodona, and its present coalition partners so that they are disposed of, in the end, these, as you call it intelligent, in General, from those people who usurped until recently in Moldova, the government, and despite any possible internal conflicts still would have found the strength to work together in the interests of the Moldovan state and the Moldovan people. And we certainly support,” he said.