Putin – the last ruler of Russia: the Crimea is described, what will happen to Crimea after the collapse of the Russian Federation

American blogger, Crimean Ivan Lenski predicted a further scenario of development of Russia and Ukraine.

Путін – останній правитель Росії: кримчанин описав, що буде з Кримом після розвалу РФ

“2006. Simeiz. We sit with my already left this world a friend and talk about politics. Vladimir expresses his point of view about the future of Russia. “Putin – the last ruler of Russia. He will rule until the country falls apart. That’s what people don’t understand is that the country is now left with just five to seven years will come to an end. And the end will be very sad more than a country will not, and will be completely independent from each other state.” Vladimir for many years was fond of Buddhism, lived in Tibet, was a very gifted and extraordinary person. He sincerely believed that the main purpose of Putin – is the final and irrevocable collapse of Russia. Then I disagreed with him, thought he was just expressing his dislike for the Colonel, who openly hated” – began his story Lena.

“People are blind. They do not see how he pulls all of us into the abyss. I think that Putin was recruited by the CIA when he served in Germany and set a very specific task: to destroy the country.” Then fed in 2006-m Vladimir brought a lot of arguments. He was talking about the incompetent economic policies of the Colonel, that he is not versed in government that he has no culture and knowledge needed to rule and so on. I honestly listened to it a little skeptical. Well, it was hard to believe that this is the last ruler of Russia that he is acting solely in the interests of hostile imperialists. But lately, I often recall this conversation and begin to realize that Vladimir, Yes will land him down, saw what was eluded many, including me,” writes the blogger.

Now, according to him, it becomes quite obvious: the collapse of Russia is not something that is inevitable, it is very close.

“Built by Colonel economic model is unsustainable. Brainwashing of the population TV is also has its limits, that is pumped into his anger and aggression sooner or later will turn on those who so ineptly runs the country. As the slide of the country into an economic pit the population’s patience will end. When exhausted, the Kremlin will not be able to keep the mood of protest and the barrel will explode. After a period of chaos regions no longer want to submit to Moscow and vote for independence. The place of Russia is formed from 5 to 15 different States, each of which will have the right to dispose of the wealth of their region and use them to your benefit. There is nothing wrong with high probability, the standard of living of the population not only did not fall but rise,” he says.

Lenski believes that a sad fate awaits the so-called “oligarchs”:

“After the collapse of the country, having lost the protection of their boss, they will require a report on “earned” their funds and virtually all of their assets will be confiscated. A wave of murders and suicides. The come to power new people, young people who were not in the Communist party and its affiliates. The Communist party will fall under the ban. Will be demolished stone idols that still stand throughout the country, and the founder of the state of workers and peasants, at last, betray the earth.”

Will be a period of turmoil, which will last a few years, then life will start to improve, – the blogger writes:

“The regions getting rid of the Kremlin vampire, will be able to earn and spend money, the standard of living of the population will gradually rise. The war in the Donbas will end in a week after the collapse of Russia without a “gumanow” and paid militias to fight for independence will not go one. Ukraine will come to the world. With high probability Kuban will enter into its composition, thereby restoring the historical justice”.

Lenski suggests that in the Crimea will be very difficult.

“The self-proclaimed leaders first tried to play the card of independence, the creation of a separate state, but without financial support, this idea will fail. The Crimea will come under the jurisdiction of Ukraine, and local residents will be able to watch a wonderful show: caravans of cars “leaders” interspersed with Armored vehicles will try to break out of the Crimea, but only a few will succeed. In the Crimea will begin a period of “debriefing” and all those illegally squeezed and robbed, you have to be in the dock. I think they are not stupid, and now prepare a “reserve airfield”, except that they use very few people succeed. Most will have to answer for their actions. When the initiator of the annexation will begin to testify at the Hague Tribunal, it is, of course, tries to translate the arrows on the local “rulers” of the Peninsula. Surrender all to the last. In the Crimea will start the return of property. The real owners will take away their property from those who possessed it illegally. Woe to those who bought something on the Peninsula after its annexation. The owners of the cars that were quick to hang the Russian license plates, have to pay considerable fines. The little guys, the policemen and assistant prosecutors in the best case, you will have to get a job janitors and waiters in the worst – either to escape from the Peninsula on the unfinished by the time the bridge or prepare for prison. All illegally repressed activists will be freed and will take place in the new government of the Crimea. Finally, sanctions are lifted and at the Simferopol railway station will once again come from Ukraine train. Crimeans will meet them with tears in his eyes and throwing flowers. Earn ATMs in the port of Yalta will start to go on cruise ships. In the air will stand the fumes from burning Russian passports, and each krymchanin will be foaming at the mouth to prove that he had not received Russian citizenship, and all this time hiding underground. The Ukrainian authorities will show tolerance and understanding and will not punish kriminalistov: by the time Ukraine will stand firmly on the path of civilized development and will not punish people, many of whom got into this trouble in spite of myself. Will continue the European integration course, the time will be abolished visas to Europe Crimeans will be able to just take the train “Simferopol-Berlin” and to travel without worrying about visas. Well, those who have, of course, will be money, but after all the turmoil these will be a little. Back the North Crimean canal. Dnieper water flows to the fields and orchards after the downtime farmers begin to restore agriculture. Prices fall. Again, on the Peninsula will better Ukrainian food, and Crimeans will enjoy them like old friends. Will return the hryvnia. Lost its value in rubles will be pasted to the cellars and attics. Tens of thousands of Crimeans who were forced to leave the Peninsula to return home. Will return the full holiday season. The whole Ukraine will go to rest in the Crimea, because Ukraine is not Russia, where only a few dared to travel to the Peninsula. After the return of the Crimea the first time even the second-class train ticket to buy would be very difficult, I remove the shed – problematic: all will be scored. Restored the festival, will reopen “Kazantip”, and to rest in the Crimea will attract young people. Night clubs and discos will be filled to capacity. Return of a foreign company, will re-open McDonalds at the Yalta embankment. Will be heard Ukrainian speech. Base of the black sea fleet will be finally closed. Sevastopol will be one of the most depressed cities in the Crimea, Sevastopol, many will lose their livelihoods and be forced to move to other cities or outside of Crimea. Over the town, and will long stand the rasp, cut on scrap patrol and cruisers. Guides will create a new tour, which will tell about the occupation, constantly restoring the details of this tragic event. Will be a population census, where the Ukrainians call themselves 60% of the Crimean people. Resume of the Crimean Tatar channel ATR. From the airport the name of Sultan Ahmet Khan will fly its first international flight on Turkey, Israel, and Germany. On the seafront of Yalta will sound foreign speech in many languages: people from all over the world want to come and see how the Crimea restored its independence. But not all have sweet. Some people will have to watch it all with closed bars of the cell. Some people will not live to see this moment. Some will have to flee, leaving everything they had. They have especially tight, because the state on which they relied no longer exist, and the Interpol database not created. Especially will have a hard time self-proclaimed prosecutors and judges: those pop out of the ground”, – he described the future events.

“So will the “Russian” period of modern Crimea. In a few years everything will be forgotten, the Peninsula will return to normal, gradually heal inflicted wounds. History of Crimea has more than five thousand years, many wanted him to win, but why, for some magical reason, this never happened. Not going to happen now,” – said Lena.

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