Putin: Today there is no reason for the state unification of Russia and Belarus

PHOTO : Author unknown


Russia and Belarus will not merge into a single state, said Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the St. Petersburg international economic forum, reports “WORLD 24”.

“No, it can not be”, – said the Russian leader on the issue of the possible unification of the two countries by the end of Putin’s presidency in 2024.

The Russian leader stressed that he believes the Belarusians, Russians and Ukrainians originally one people, who at some point of history have been separated, and now each of the newly formed community found its own identity.

“We treat this with understanding and respect. It so happened that we live in different countries. Today there is no reason for the state Association. We have no such plans, purposes,” – said Putin.

The St. Petersburg international economic forum is held in the Northern capital already in the 23rd time. Thousands of businessmen and politicians are expert dialogues at dozens of venues from 6 to 8 June.