Putin told how it was the elderly neighbor on the fifth floor

Путин рассказал, как на руках носил пожилую соседку на пятый этаж

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the media forum BIP “Truth and justice” in Sochi, shared his memories of life. For example, about the time when he lived without a lift for 30 years, and sometimes wore his elderly neighbor at the hands of the fifth floor, reports RIA “Novosti”.

Is the head of state gave the story of one journalist who said that was filming a story about the veterans of the great Patriotic war, found themselves cooped up in his apartment for six months. According to her, it happened because of unscrupulous contractors who had to replace the elevators in a residential building.

Putin reacted to this with understanding: “I can imagine, if people age, they can not come down. I lived without a lift for almost 30 years, neighbor their hands were on the fifth floor because the Elevator was not, she could not get up. Not every time, of course, but there were such cases, I understand people who have been in the same situation. Mess, what else to say.”

Recall that in Sochi was held by the onf media Forum of independent regional and local media “Truth and justice”. This year for the first time official media have joined the bloggers. The truth is, virtually, via the communication platform SNWall.