Putin urged the head of the UK to draw attention to the situation with the Park in Ryazan

Путин призвал главу СК обратить внимание на ситуацию с парком в Рязани

Russian President Vladimir Putin called on the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin to pay attention to the situation with the Park in Ryazan after he heard the story of one of the participants in the media forum “Truth and justice”, reports RIA “Novosti”.

In particular, according to participants in the Park in Ryazan missing ropes course and Playground, which are “accepted” by local authorities. She noted that in November last year, the district Prosecutor’s office issued an instruction to the city administration to eliminate the violations, but not eliminated. The object was worth more than 4 million rubles.

“City officials paid the money, signed the act of acceptance… I have to be honest, I thought this never happens. What audacity” – said Putin.

He stressed that the case is amazing.

“I hope we Bastrykin Alexander Ivanovich hears their chance to show their professional skills will not miss,” added the Russian leader.

In turn, speaking at the forum, Putin stressed that officials should be particularly in demand.

“As for officials with special needs to be demand. Man, when it is in state or municipal service, must understand that on his shoulders a special responsibility before the people and with their demand stricter than with anyone else. As the owner of the means of increased danger machine if an accident occurs, it is more responsibility”, – said the President.

Organized by onf media Forum of independent regional and local media “Truth and justice” held on 14-16 may in Sochi. This year for the first time official media in the media forum was joined by bloggers. The truth is, virtually, via the communication platform SNWall.