Putin: We inevitably restore our relationship with Ukraine

PHOTO : MIR / Irina Fomochkina



Vladimir Putin gave an exclusive interview to TV channel “MIR”. One of the questions – the results of the presidential election in Ukraine and relations between Moscow and Kiev.

“It is inevitable that we will restore our relationships, this can not be between parts of the same nation, or between the two brotherly peoples, no matter what happens in our relationship with the elites. Even with the political elites of the past, for example, those people who are at the forefront of all its activities, throughout his life put first of all, personal success, personal gain and the preservation of their capital, amassed at the expense of the Ukrainian people, and it is stored somewhere abroad. From that they have such a love for the West, I think. But the new leadership, I hope, is devoid of such limitations and feels free, relying on the confidence accorded to the people of Ukraine. I think it will be able to act vigorously in the direction of restoring relations between Russia and Ukraine, and in the solution of problems in the country. I hope it will not be covered Russophobic ideas in order to shirk the internal Ukrainian issues, especially in the economy and social sphere”, – said the President.

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