Putin Zyuganov congratulated on the anniversary and presented him with the materials of the XXIII Congress of the CPSU

PHOTO : Website of the President of the Russian Federation


Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Gennady Zyuganov with the anniversary. The leader of the Communist party today 75 years old, reports “WORLD 24”.

“Gennady Andreyevich has a birthday today. And before you start I want to congratulate him on the anniversary, 75 years. He joined the Communist party, as I recall, in 1966, the same year took place the XXIII Congress of the party. To remind you about the events of this time, I want to give you the materials of the Congress”, – said the President of the Russian Federation.

Recall that Zyuganov was born on 26 June 1944 in the village of Mymrino Hotynetskogo area (now the Znamenskiy district) Orel region. In 1966, he joined the Communist party, in 1972-1974 he was the first Secretary of the Oryol regional Committee of Komsomol, from 1974 to 1983 he held the post of Secretary of the district Committee, second Secretary of the Oryol city town Committee of the CPSU, headed the Department of propaganda and agitation of the Oryol regional Committee of the party. Since 1983 the Central Committee of the CPSU.

In February 1993, was founded the Communist party of the Russian Federation, Zyuganov was elected Chairman of its Central Executive Committee. Since 1993 he is the Deputy of the State Duma of all convocations, the head of fraction of the Communist party. Participated in four campaigns for the elections of the President of the Russian Federation has always taken second place, and in December 2017, he headed the campaign headquarters of the candidate from the Communist party in the presidential elections of 2018, the Director of the state farm. Lenin Pavel Grudinina.